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A mountain-like landscape, formed by large square blocks, acts as a climbable ascending play space that covers schoolrooms below. A journey to the top reveals playful views into rooms below where fellow classmates seek visual interest in the activities above. The kindergarten responds to this environment while simultaneously comprising of pre-established programs inside the building.

The Grand Room, placed central to the Kindergarten, is the main node of physical and visual movement. The large play space is covered in glazing from ground to ceiling, providing an everchanging mural of activity for visitors entering the building. Glazed surroundings extend beyond the concrete roof above, allowing formation of visual connection from children within the building to the ones outside, while furthermore, embracing metaphorical imagery of ‘crystal emerging from the rocks’ from afar.

Vegetation grows uninterruptedly on the concrete surface to create a seamless transition from the prevailing landscape to mountaintop. A large retention pond fuels growth along the structure’s base, while also providing scenic views to the west. This perception is repeated, on a smaller scale, with the collection of water in the undulation of stacked blocks above, allowing for micro retention ponds to encourage future growth.


Project Details

Date: December 20, 2016

Professor: Giancarlo Mangone

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