Architecture and Design

“I’ve heard often that architecture is a love for buildings. For me, it’s always been a love for people. At the end of the day, we design for people – for friends, families, and especially strangers.”

R.I. Dayagbil          .

Photoshop, 90
Rhinoceros, 70
Revit, 70
Autocad, 80
Indesign, 60
Illustrator, 60
Lumion, 70
Premiere Pro, 65
Sketchup, 90
V-ray Render, 45
Excel, 70
Powerpoint, 90
GIS (ArcMap), 55

About Me

My interests lie in the integration of individuals, communities and environments on the building scale. I am fascinated with unique forms that are developed when sociological concepts are determined to be integral components of a project.

I have recently completed a Bachelors of Architectural Studies (BAS) at Carleton University with a concentration in Design. I am fond of close-up magic, billiards and darts, Mac n cheese, table tennis, and a late night Cuba Libre on the rocks.


My recent works stem from academia based projects , which include studio and competition designs.

Feel free to check in once in a while to see what else is new!


+226 972 8760
Toronto, Ontario