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Brent Haynes - POMO DECO ABWO

  Companies are increasingly adopting domestic elements to make the office less ‘office-like’. But what if, instead of providing a sense of familiarity and relaxation to the workplace, the office became a place of inspiration, excitement, and entertainment, where employees were proud to show it off? This Post Modern, Art

Vauxville Brent Haynes Feature Image

  This project looks at potential industry development along the Irish border based on Tariff relating ramifications and loopholes of Brexit. The project is focused in Belleek, a town situated along the Irish border, becoming the testing grounds for a Vauxhall car factory and Model Village. This unprecedented condition allows

DWELL: Protect – Belong

    Initially, this competition was named “DWELL”. To dwell means much more than to simply reside. To dwell means to belong to a given place, and places that have a sense of belonging must be protected. There is a difference between a house and a home. There is a

brent haynes feature title wrapper
Chair Prototype: PORT-ORB

  The Portable-Orb (Portorb) Chair began with a vision to enable a dramatic experience juxtaposing sovereign and respite. Part of obtaining this reality in a functioning to-scale prototype involved technical detailing and computing precision. The process began with CNC machinery to cut out individual pieces previously modelled from 3D, converted

THE ADZE: Housing in Lebreton

  As the newest addition to the Ottawa Skyline, theADZE symbolizes a new era for Canada’s Capital city. Reaching 200 meters in height, this is the tallest building to be located in the heart of Lebreton Flats. This building is a translation from the urban idea in “Linking Lebreton Masterplan” to


  Linking Lebreton is an alteration on the award winning “Rendez-vous Lebreton” master plan designed by Hobin Architecture Inc. This adapted design began with a line of sight discovery created by the newly allocated library location. This line of sight creates a connection between the library and Ottawa Senator Arena,

Border Crossings: Director’s Project Competition 2017

  This competition takes place at the first week of the fall term and celebrates the beginning of a new school year. The theme this year was Border Crossings: Conflicts. Migrations. Checkpoints. Visas. Quotas. Exclusions. Interrogations. Exceptions. Accommodations. Protections. Students received a single piece of text from which they had to


  The Swan Bridge elegantly tolerates a stream of cars to cross over the Mass River in downtown Rotterdam. Orpheum acts as a magnet that pulls the pedestrian pathway off the Bridge to converge into the building’s theatre core. These separate pathways are shaped in correspondence to centripetal force which

Kindergarden in Kanata

  A mountain-like landscape, formed by large square blocks, acts as a climbable ascending play space that covers schoolrooms below. A journey to the top reveals playful views into rooms below where fellow classmates seek visual interest in the activities above. The kindergarten responds to this environment while simultaneously comprising

Reassembling the North

  The twenty-first Inter-university Charrette invited young designers to reconsider Arctic villages, propose interventions in Northern settlements and surroundings, and help create livable communities simply and frugally.