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This project is the culmination of an ambitious endeavor to blend the spatial qualities of old industrial urban environments with the context of a new suburban home. The integration of materials, design, and function create an environment that provides the homeowner with a space to live, work, and entertain.

Located on the outskirts of Sherbrooke, Quebec, the project sought to seamlessly blend the characteristics of industrial urban environments with the suburban context. The exterior of the building features a mix of white stone and wood-look rainscreen, which contrasts with the black-framed windows and overhanging canopy.

The building is situated on a site with a significant change in topology, necessitating a unique design that raises the main level above the entry level. The entrance atrium showcases an exposed wood beam, supporting a double-height space that allows for a two-storey glass wall. The interior is finished with other materials also commonly found in the renowned urban areas of Old Montreal and Greenwich Village. The brick wall lining the metal staircase mimics that of a brick fa├žade tower lined with fire escapes on each side, adding to the historical significance of the design. The home’s aesthetic also incorporates other city inspirations, such as gooseneck lighting and cord-hung steel pendants. These elements are seamlessly integrated into the design, adding a unique touch to the home’s overall character.

Brent Haynes Urban Suburban Home
Project Details

Date: April 10, 2023

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