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This competition takes place at the first week of the fall term and celebrates the beginning of a new school year. The theme this year was Border Crossings: Conflicts. Migrations. Checkpoints. Visas. Quotas. Exclusions. Interrogations. Exceptions. Accommodations. Protections.

Students received a single piece of text from which they had to create a 15″ x 20″ drawing within a week. The projections were judged by the Faculty of the School as well as visiting professors.

The quote received: “Canada hopes to cement progress on keeping the border open to trade and travelers when Justin Trudeau visits Monday with U.S. President Donald Trump, whose controversial travel ban measures recently created considerable confusion at the 49th parallel.”

Brent Haynes Border Crossings Brent Haynes Feature Image
Project Details

Date: September 13, 2017

Professor: Benjamin Gianni
Graphite and ink on paper

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