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The Portable-Orb (Portorb) Chair began with a vision to enable a dramatic experience juxtaposing sovereign and respite. Part of obtaining this reality in a functioning to-scale prototype involved technical detailing and computing precision.

The process began with CNC machinery to cut out individual pieces previously modelled from 3D, converted to a 2D file, allowing for slices of the form to be cut. Hollowing out each piece allowed for a manageable weight of the oversized piece of furniture. This presented an opportunity for storage, where hidden hinges could open various compartments. Intentionally designing an oversized form, meant by itself, could not fit through the dimensions of a standard door. Panel mounting clips meant that the form could be disassembled and reassembled for transportation.

Five polished steel cylindrical legs inserted into a solid base allowed for structural stability. This base became independent to the top of the chair – a ball bearing plate was the connector to the top and base element – making it possible for the chair to spin.


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Project Details

Date: May 10, 2018

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